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d1. arrival in wamena, baliem valley

On the day your arrival in Baliem Valley your English speaking guide and driver they’ll pick you up at Wamena Airport. Starting straight drive to the Baliem Pilamo Hotel. Then you can drive direct to Police office organize your travel permit (Surat Ijin Jalan). When you obtain travel permit your guide leads you tour to northern search jiwika village Visit Mummy and local societies. After that, you can continue hiking tropical rain forest lookout for local people cultivating of the banana salt in their traditional. Back to the Hotel.

Dinner in the restaurant.

 Overnight in the Baliem Pilamo Hotel.  


After breakfast start trekking southern of Baliem valley. Baliem Pilamo Hotel to sogokmo car/ Jetni.  Sogokmo/Jetni, Kurima, Klise through footpath enjoy with beautiful narrow gorge views and crossing into the sweet potatoes plantation.  

Lunch on the way (Lunch box)

Dinner and overnight in the Klise Traditional Guest House.


On the day third after breakfast transfer to next village. Klise to kurima by trekking so from Klise you will trek down hills to Kurima. You will walk next to the numerous sweet potatoes gardens and natural tree flowers. Arrive Kurima village town you will cross suspension bridge to Seima.

Seima, Pilabaga and also you will cross second baliem hanging bridge. A Hanging Bridge beside which is a small memorial to a Japanese tourist and his local Dani Guide who drowned and get die.

From the bridge 40 minute to Sogokmo.  Sogokmo to wamena.

Lunch on the way (Lunch box)

Dinner in the Restaurant

Overnight in Baliem Pilamo Hotel.

culture tour, pig feast in dani village

After breakfast drive to Dani Traditiona village watch culture celebraiton tour.

The feature of the acvity they are:

  1. Mock tribal flight and sing songs
  2. Tradtional dances
  3. Fire friction
  4. Kill a pig by bow and bamboo arrows
  5. Cooking sweet potatoes in hole ground with hot rocks.

d1. arrival in wamena, baliem valley

After brekfast, guide and driver get you back to the Wamena Aiport . You can fly to Sentani and your next own destination


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